Embroidery Digitizing

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Well what is digitizing first of all ?

Embroidery digitizing is the process in which a program for an image is written in a format that can be read by embroidery machines and can be then converted into threads on any cloth.

Any this is where we come as we  can turn almost any design into an embroidered logo which you send to us.

Provide us with a clear scannable copy of your design or artwork, or we can use digital files. If the file is not in color, please give us an indication of the design’s colors if you need colors in that  and we will digitize the same which you can run on your machines without any difficulty.

Accepted formats are:
.10o, .cnd, .csd, .dst, .emb, .exp, .fmc, .fdr, .U**, .hus, .jef, .pcd, .pcq, .pec, .pes, .ref, .sew, .xxx

Tazima (.dst)
Meclo (.exp)
Zeng/zsk (.dsz)